Feb 082012

Game Audio Podcast #15 – Origin Stories & Getting In

On this episode we talk about how we got into this crazy gameaudio thing. Some very different routes were taken by all of us. We gain some insights into how post houses collaborate with game studios. You’ll also hear some opinions on diversity in games and game studios. Aswell as getting some opinions on the audio of some cool games.

Special Guests:

Shannon Potter – Soundelux DMG

Kristen Quebe – Microsoft Game Studios

Fryda Wollf – Turtle Rock Studios

Post Production by Jack Menhorn



TIFF Nexus Keynote: Leigh Alexander , GDC,

Feb 262011

Episode #8:

Discussion: Interactive and Dynamic Mixing

– Special Guests:

Rob Bridgett: Radical Entertainment
Kristofor Mellroth: Microsoft Game Studios
David Mollerstedt: DICE

In which we discuss various things and stuff.


Mix: Scarface to Simlish , Rob Bridgett Special: Scarface: The World Is YoursRandy Thom Special: Scarface (video game) , Audio Postmortem: Scarface: The World is Yours , The Future Of Game Audio – Is Interactive Mixing The Key? , Automatic Audio in Frostbite , Heard About: Battlefield Bad Company , How High Dynamic Range Audio Makes Battlefield: Bad Company Go BOOM

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