Apr 282012

Game Audio Podcast #17 – Post GDC Wrap Up 2012

Special Guests:

Michael Raphael: Rabbit Ears Audio

Rabiit Ears’ Michael Raphael unravels a tale of GDC while Damian spins session perspectives on true creatives and shines a spotlight on FMOD Studio. Anton helps keep things on track as alwasy, and contributes important counterpoint to a discussion about the newly emerging plug-in formats for audio Middleware. G.A.N.G. awards and not-enough-necking are discussed, along with some deep inspiration.


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Feb 272012

Game Audio Podcast #16 – Pre-GDC 2012

Special Guests:

Kenneth Young – Media Molecule

DB Cooper – dbcoopervo.com

For this episode your hosts Anton & Damian huddle up with Kenneth & DB. Mesmerized by the GDC promise of 2012. Anton tries to hide his non-gdc going depression. Why is DB suddenly barking? How do you get a talk on GDC? Why would you want to? Where must you be? These questions and more answered in an hour long conversation.


Stefan Rutherford – blog


GDC Media Molecule Podcast – Gamers with JobsRock Paper ShotgunSoundscapes: the sound nobody remembers

Mar 112011

Episode #9

GDC 2011 Game Audio Wrap


In which Damian & Anton discuss highlights from the 2011 Game Developers Conference with a focus on super sessions, off the hook parties, and the impression of a procedural audio groundswell.

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Thanks to DisasterPeace for breaking up the discussion with a cool slab of 8bit goodness!

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