Mar 042015

Wauw,  we had 50 guests for our 50th episode. How appropriate. (ok I didn’t count at the end but it sure must have been close to that). So humbling to have so many talented folks come out and discuss with us. Main subjects where education, unity 5 announcements and of course boot camp.

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  One Response to “Game Audio Podcast – Episode #50 – GDC15 – III – Campfire Celebrations”

  1. Hey guys – Great podcast, two things I wanted to add.

    When consulting on music supervision for NBC’s broadcast of the Beijing Olympics, EA sent game music to use in the broadcast. The CD’s had tracks from Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, etc. So their publishing arm pushes music for use in broadcast (even back in 2008). Royalties for news broadcasts on major networks isn’t super lucrative, but it does add a little bit of spending money if it gets placed.

    I enjoyed the discussion about education, and the related issues. I speak a little about Berklee’s perspective in this Designing Sound interview posted last month:

    The last two questions in the interview are probably the most relevant to the discussion.

    Keep up the great work!

    –Michael Sweet
    Artistic Director of Video Game Scoring, Berklee College of Music