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Oh Friday mornings, you are so beautifully cruel. An epic turn out for the last Sight Glass morning scrum of 2014. Ofcourse we look at the day before. We dive straight into Alastair Macgregor’s talk on GTA V and continue on with the 2 Last of Us Talks. This leads Anton and Ben into a bit HDR talk on “Pre-Seeding”. Ofcourse obviously this is followed by a discussion on the current relationship of the composer with their projects. A look at the day ahead is followed up by a discussion on the GANG awards. And we pay particular attention to Brandon Cole.


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Bryan Higa (@bryanhiga), Andy Martin (@soundeziner), Stephen Schappler (@schapps) & James Nixon


Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque) & Chris Trevino (@ChrisATrevino)


Joel Walsch (@JoelStudio13), Brad Dyck (@Brad_Dyck), Rob Bridgett (@rbridgett), Ben Minto


Stephen Schappler (@schapps) & James Nixon


Anton (@Woldhek), Ben Minto, Damian (@lostlab)


Joshua Kaplan (@OpenHeartSound), Egan O’Rourke, James Dean (@James_Dean), Patrick Egan (@themuck)


Naila Burney (@nailaashi), Ben Crossbones (@BenCrossbones), Jack Menhorn (@JackMenhorn), Leonard Paul (@SchoolGameAudio), Rob Bridgett (@rbridgett), [Seated] Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque)


Naila Burney (@nailaashi), Ben Crossbones (@BenCrossbones), Jack Menhorn (@JackMenhorn), Leonard Paul (@SchoolGameAudio), Rob Bridgett (@rbridgett), [Seated] Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque)


Joshua Kaplan (@OpenHeartSound), Egan O’Rourke, James Dean (@James_Dean), Patrick Egan (@themuck)


Peter Drescher(@pdxdanger), Karen Collins (@Veemix), Daniel Beck (@dpbsound), Andy Martin (@soundeziner), Topher Pirkl (@PhantomFreq) [hidden]

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  5 Responses to “Game Audio Podcast – Episode #43 – GDC14 – V – Grand Theft Glass”

  1. Thank you guys a ton for the mention on the podcast. That speech absolutely came from the heart. Just wanted to correct you on one thing though. You didn’t see an interview with me on Youtube a couple years ago, because there hasn’t been one. I would gladly do one, but as of yet that has not happened. You’re probably confusing me for Brice Melon, the blind guy that beat Ed Boon at Mortal Kombat, which for some reason everyone seems to do. I am, you might say, an invisible horse of a different color. Thanks again, though.

  2. I am so excited you guys discussed accessibility in game audio! And I am so glad Brandon Cole spoke at GDC! I hope the waves of interest he made at the panel continue to affect how people approach game audio during the development process. Thank you for mentioning others teams who are involved in the development and awareness of audio accessibility. I thought I’ve read about everyone, but I guess not! Oh, and I have to mention AbleGamers as another source for accessibility research.

  3. Hi!
    Awsome to follow you guys during GDC, lots of inspiration and good conversations!
    I was very excited when you spoke about inclusiveness and accessibility with audio. Great to hear that there is an interest out there since that is exactly what we are working on at this very moment!
    With funding from the Swedish government and the University of Skovde we are currently researching and creating games under the title Inclusive Game Design. Our first goal is to put out 2 free games for iOS and Android that are equally playable and enjoyable by sighted and blind players, through clever design and audio design.

    GAP-guys: I would love to talk to you more about this if you are interested.

    Per Anders

  4. Thanks for all the reactions here! We got in touch with some of you of this thread and we will definitely follow up on this subject in the future!

  5. So awesome to see all the pics and hear the wrap-ups. Already looking forward to seeing you all again next year – great times. Cheers!