Feb 272012

Game Audio Podcast #16 – Pre-GDC 2012

Special Guests:

Kenneth Young – Media Molecule

DB Cooper – dbcoopervo.com

For this episode your hosts Anton & Damian huddle up with Kenneth & DB. Mesmerized by the GDC promise of 2012. Anton tries to hide his non-gdc going depression. Why is DB suddenly barking? How do you get a talk on GDC? Why would you want to? Where must you be? These questions and more answered in an hour long conversation.


Stefan Rutherford – blog


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  3 Responses to “Game Audio Podcast #16 – Pre-GDC 2012”

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  2. So many interesting talks on GDC it seems, really wish I could go. 🙁
    Entertaining episode btw! And a very impressive bark, I must say!

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