Sep 242010

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Episode #4:

Discussion: Procedural Game Audio

– Special Guests:

Andy Farnell

David Thall

Francois Thibault

This months Game Audio Podcast comes packed with Procedural Game Audio goodness. From start to finish we unravel the meaning of procedural and discuss at length opportunities for it’s application in games. A long time in the making, the release of this episode corresponds with an article on entitled “Procedural Sound Now” which aims to raise the level of awareness for these techniques. A companion round-up of related links and video’s has also been posted at the Lost Chocolate Lab Blog. Still haven’t had enough? Drop us a line and let us know what we’re missing!

-News Links:

Andy Farnell: Designing Sound , Andy Farnell: An introduction to procedural audio and its application in computer games , Mark GrimshawGame Sound Technology and Player Interaction: Concepts and Developments , Stefan Bilbao

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An introduction to procedural audio and its application in computer games

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  5. The main problem for now is how to introduce pros of procedural audio to developers of AAA projects. Our coders several times told me that integration of PD or Max/MSP is to complex process, so i’d better shut up with my innovative ideas =)