Mar 292013


A great roundtable on yesterday’s session. The 8 am Sight Glass morning stand up has expanded today and we get going for a bit. Boy was the place loud today, not just us, Sorry! Apologies if its not always completly intelligble.

Mar 272013

This morning finds a loose knit group of game audio vagabonds rounding up after Tuesdays inaugural audio bootcamp. As the slow trickle of Sightglass coffee begins to flow within the bloodstream we recap the events of yesterday and get down with some topical conversations.

Mar 262013

Damian and Anton have a quick chat about the week ahead. First impressions of being back in San Francisco for the mad week ahead. Damian went to the indi game dev summit and summarizes it. Yes we are meeting up with tons of devs and will be rounding up at least (!) once a day to keep you up to date on the awesome of GDC.

Fract OSC
the unfinished swan
GDC 2013

Mar 232013


0:08:00 Part I – “Dyadness”
This episode finds Damian and Anton wading in deep with the creators of DYAD,David Kananga & Shawn McGrath, and explore the synergy between game design, music, sound, and programming. A fascinating discussion ensues exposing the heart of game design and how it influences the music and sound design of this unique title.
Edited by C. Cody Flick

1:08:00 Part II – “Loudness II”
After Stefan Rutherford sent us an email with some questions regarding loudness & studio setup we decided to round up with Garry Taylor (SCEE) and Stefan to dig into this field. Especially since Garry managed to escape us at AES in London. We talk about the ASWG R-001 recommendation.
Edited by Stefan Rutherford

1:45:44 Part III – “In the Field”
Anton interviews musician, field recordist, and sound designer Inge van den Kroonenberg about her recent trip to the In the Field – Symposium for Field Recording in London. Discussion of “recording aural history to experience and remember”, the crossover of music and field recording, and inspiring sound ideas.
Edited by our new editor, Naila Burney.

2:02:44 Outro
We take it out after 2 hours. See you at GDC!