Apr 282012

Game Audio Podcast #17 – Post GDC Wrap Up 2012

Special Guests:

Michael Raphael: Rabbit Ears Audio

Rabiit Ears’ Michael Raphael unravels a tale of GDC while Damian spins session perspectives on true creatives and shines a spotlight on FMOD Studio. Anton helps keep things on track as alwasy, and contributes important counterpoint to a discussion about the newly emerging plug-in formats for audio Middleware. G.A.N.G. awards and not-enough-necking are discussed, along with some deep inspiration.


Rabbit Ears AudioJohn Loranger Game Audio Relevance Tag: LimboSteve Tushar: Fear Factory


Sep 042011

Episode #11

SoundDesign Challenge Review


We look back at Dynamic Interfernce Game Audio Challenge. Damian & Shaun compare notes on the various entries and Anton tries to keep them on point. We  segway into some game & book reviews. Also the audio version of Damian’s interview with Graham Gatheral. Which was previously published in transcribed form on designingsound.org

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-Shaun Farley – Dynamic Interference

-Graham Gatheral – website


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