Mar 172014

GDC14 coverage is on! Damian and Anton meetup with lots of friends. A bit of speedskating and a lot of “what have you been up to this yea” while we get things in order. Sound quality note: trying out an experiment with a setup with sanken cub-1s on the 722 and a sony m1. Now its not always phase locked… But judging overall the intelligbility is there.


Day 1 – Monday morning Recording the Game Audio Podcast at Sightglass Coffee (from front left, clockwise): Charlie Huguenard (@charlieHUGE), Joe Cavers (@J96kHz), Holly Pickering (@HollyPixel), Jack Menhorn (@JackMenhorn), Sam Ballard (@ballardaudio), Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque), Nicholas Day (@alfredofreak), Rick (!?!), Shaun Farley (@DynInterference), Anton Woldhek (@woldhek)

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Lunch behind the carousel w/ Naila Burney (@nailaashi), James Dean (@james_dean), Nicholas Day (@alfredofreak), Martin Kvale (@martinkvale), Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque), Brendoan Wood (@brendancwood)


Behind the carousel w/ Karen Collins (@veemix) and Ryan Henwood (@DeepRootsSound)


Behind the carousel w/ Karen Collins (@veemix) and Ryan Henwood (@DeepRootsSound)



Karen Collins (@veemix), author of Game Sound & Playing with Sound, shows her excitement for #GameAudioGDC lunch!


Joe Cavers and his pals yuk it up in the SF sun. (L-R) John Geoffrey (@john_geoffrey) Liam Wong (@liamwong) Joe Cavers (@J96kHz)



Popcap Audio Director Guy Whitmore (@foxface_music) shocked by the turnout.


Just Chiilin’ with (L-R) Naila Burney (@nailaashi), Nicholas Day (@alfredofreak), Joe Cavers (@J96kHz), Liam Wong (@liamwong), Holly Pickering (@HollyPixel), John Geoffrey (@john_geoffrey), Whitaker Trebella (@wtrebella)



#GameAudioGDC Lunchtime Goodness with (L-R) Grace Tsai, Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque), Joel Walsch (@JoelStudio13), Jesse Harlin (@oogew)


Jack Menhorn (@JackMenhorn) and Luca Fusi (@lucafusi) know what’s up!


Nordic game audio tricksters Martin Kvale (@martinkvale) & Joonas Turner (@Kissakolme) share looks with (L-R) Brendoan Wood (@brendancwood) while Joe Cavers (@J96kHz) and Naila Burney (@nailaashi) get acquainted. Head of Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque) in foreground.


(L-R) Naila Burney (@nailaashi), Holly Pickering (@HollyPixel), James Dean (@james_dean), Whitaker Trebella (@wtrebella, Nicholas Day (@alfredofreak)


Let the good times roll! (L-R) Eric Goetz, Luca Fusi (@LucaFusi), Jack Menhorn (@JackMenhorn), Brendan Wood (@brendancwood), Naila Burney (@nailaashi), James Dean (@james_dean), Nicholas Day (@alfredofreak), and a waving Martin Kvale (@martinkvale)



Lunch behind the carousel w/ Holly Pickering (@hollypixel) and Nicholas Day (@alfredofreak)


House of Shield for a pint w/ (L-R) Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque), James Dean (@james_dean), Nicholas Day (@alfredofreak), Eric Goetz, Joel Walsch (@JoelStudio13)


Happy times w/ (L-R) Peter Drescher (@pdxdanger), Naila Burney (@nailaashi), Erick Ocampo (@foleysauce)


















































Feb 212014

GameAudioPodcast2012_01This episode highlights the Game Audio Podcast Inbox and digs deep into a correspondence from a linear audio professional interested in making the right moves to transition over to the game industry. Anton and Damian discuss questions like:  “What is Technical Sound Design” ,”What can a person do as they begin their journey into game audio?”, and “How do you get experience?”. Also rapped a bit about the Global Game Jam, VST DSP Programming Environment, and the Mighty Boom Ball! Shout out to the Game Audio Hour, Tonebenders, – Sound Library Licensing.

We are also graced by another in the wonderful series of Audio Vignettes provided by the magnificent DB Cooper! Learn how to navigate and succeed at understanding the dreaded script spreadsheet and be sure to catch her talk at GDC this year:  Mad Skillz for Directing Dialogue

Anton attempts to distract Damian with a conversation about “How to Focus” and some different strategies are discussed including: how to minimize distractions, cones-of-silence, and being a good neighbor.

A little GDC 2014 preview, Anton outlines the talk that he and Guerrilla Games Audio Programmer Andreas Vargas will be giving on the MADDER toolset and audio integration that was used as part of Killzone Shadow Fall on Wednesday. Sightglass Game Audio round-ups in the AM during GDC. Damian co-hosting the Audio Boot-Camp Audio Summit with Garry Taylor on Tuesday. Find out what kindof niche Damian likes to slip into, back-to-back Australians, and Antons top-picks for GDC session-building mayhem.

Limbo Redux – Videos – Dynamic Interference (Game) Sound Design Challenge




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Feb 132014


Matthew Burns – Shade Grown Games

Samantha Kalman – Sentris

Shaw-Han Liem – Robot and Proud



This episode finds the Game Audio Podcast exploring the world of “games that use music as a gameplay mechanism” with three talented game designers. Each have been experimenting with the connections between music and games in their own way; Matthew Burns (Shade Grown Games) with Starbloom & Planck, Samantha Kalman (Timber Interactive) with her recently Kickstarted Sentris, and Shaw-Han Liem in collaboration with Jonathan Mak (Quesy Games) on Sound Shapes. Through discussion involving: games as musical instruments, visual scores, game design as composition, live-coding, and more, we talk through some of the reasons why music games are alive-and-well in the world today. Joy!

Game Audio Relevance: Sound ShapesNotations21MIT DSP Video Lectures (iTunes) – The Big MAT Book - Algoraving: Dancing to

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Jan 312014

In this episode of the game audio podcast our regular guests Kenny Young (Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet) and Rob Bridgett(Prototype2, Game Audio Culture) join our powwow to discuss what they have been up to. We talk about Damian’s new job and premier of his new job title. We also go into crunching, the endless middleware vs custom solution debate Anton and Damian have ad nauseam goes another round. And Db Cooper gracely send us another one of her vignette’s. In this episode she discusses going out on a limb when doing an audition.

Damian mentions an email database for a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy dev team being unearthed. That story can be found here
Kenny mentions 2 books that Rob had mentioned in an article:
It’s Purple Someones Gonna Die
How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul
Here are some of the links: : The Sound of Tearaway
AudioMedia : Tearaway
Rob Bridgett : Game Audio Culture
Rob Bridgett : Audio Pillars : SoundSelf : Joonas Turner

Jan 052014

In this episode Damian and Anton catch up about the past few months. But the main course is a conversation with Robin Arnott, audio designer and interactive artist. We discuss his projects Deep Sea, Anti Chamber & Sound Self. Human Perception is a key part of Robin’s work and its in that area that we dive head first.

Edit by Stefan Rutherford

Deep Sea
The Technology of Killzone Shadow Fall
Super Hexagon

May 102013


This episode Anton & Damian bring 2 interviews from AES to the table. A talk briefly with Stephan Schütze about his demostrations of FMOD at AES. We talk to Taz from Tazman audio about what he has been up to with this Fabric toolset for Unity. Before this though we have the third installment of the Sound Library Review with Andreas. And we mourn the loss of LucasArts as a gamedeveloper.

Tazman. Developer of Fabric
Stephan Schütze
Echo Collective

Mar 272013

This morning finds a loose knit group of game audio vagabonds rounding up after Tuesdays inaugural audio bootcamp. As the slow trickle of Sightglass coffee begins to flow within the bloodstream we recap the events of yesterday and get down with some topical conversations.