Feb 182013

We get starting with a workout, get those vocals warmed up ’cause db cooper is showing us some punches in her second audio vignette.
We talk to Michael Kelly on the final day of AES. In particular we focus on scanners talk and the theme of the conference: inspiration. Where do our concepts & tools intersect with other art forms?
Damian seeks out some new faces and we talk about the conference and games we are looking forward to this year. Joe Gornall (sorry if i got this wrong fixed thanks Joe ), Mike Ryder, Danny McDermott & James Parnell

We wrap it up with the second installement of the sample library review Andreas & Anton listen to Boom Libraries “Historical Firearms” and Frank Bry’s Bullet HD pro.
Andreas wonders what kind of microphone folks like to use for their weapon foley recordings, he also shares his favorites aswell as nerding out on his favorite subject: bullets.
Boom Libraries: Historical Firearms: $US200 for a single user license.
The Recordist: Bullet HD Pro: $US200 for a single user license
This section edited by Stefan Rutherford.

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00:15 DB Cooper
02:04 Industry News
18:00 Michael Kelly @ AES
33:00 Student Panel
44:00 Sound Library Review II
65:00 Closing Thoughts.

Walrus sound: http://macaulaylibrary.org/audio/53276 CC licence by Macaulay Library

  3 Responses to “GameAudio Podcast Episode #27 – “Michael Kelly, Sample Library Review II, DB’s vignette””

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say, big fan of the podcasts and was great to meet you in person at AES!

    P.s unlucky with the spelling of my surname! It is actually ‘Gornall’ 🙂

    All the best,


  2. fixed 🙂 thanks.

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