Jun 092012

Game Audio Podcast #19 – Forests of Sweden

Special Guests:

Andreas AlmstrΓΆm
Bence Pajor
Lucas van Tol
Rune Palving
Matt Rose

In this episode Anton & Damian discuss games like Eufloria, Sword and Sworcery and a few others. But also an article by Rob Bridgett. The main feature on this here evening is the conversation Anton had during a 4 day wild life recording course in Sweden. Heck of a lot of topics, field recording, design aproaches, workflow, team cooperation to name a few.

Links: Eufloria Sword And SworceryDustforceArticle: A Revolution in SoundValve New Employee HandbookWildeye Courses – Restaurant Comal I & II

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  4 Responses to “Game Audio Podcast #19 – Forests of Sweden”

  1. Another amazing podcast! Thanks for producing these. πŸ™‚

  2. Great episode!

  3. Favorite podcast ever! If there’s anything I could do to help with this podcast, let me know. I know it’s probably not needed… but I’m offering anyways. Hopefully I’ll be joining the game audio community soon. I’ve just discovered my passion for it, and it seems each episode just fans the flames even more. Thanks a ton!


  4. Thanks Jeff!