May 012012

Game Audio Podcast #18 – Racing Games

Special Guests:

Mike Caviezel – Microsoft Sound Lab

Mike de Belle – Freelance

Tim Bartlett – The Audio Guys Ltd.

Edited by Andrew Quinn (Master of Sound)


We round up with a posse of petrol-heads huddled around a microphone over in the UK to discuss the fine art of racing game sound. This is a unique conversation with three guys who have lived deep in the bowels of vehicle engine simulations. They bring a hospitable vibe to the often elusive racing game genre and let slip more than a few tasty nuggets of wisdom.

This podcast is being released in conjunction with the Racing Game Sound Study that was undertaken by Damian and David Nichols in an effort to expose the technical side of game audio by making an assessment of current generation titles.

Other aspects of the study can be found at:

Lost Chocolate Lab – Racing Game Sound Study

Track Time Audio – Racing Game Sound Study

  3 Responses to “Game Audio Podcast #18”

  1. […] much more technical analysis over on his blog. You’ll also definitely want to check out Game Audio Podcast #18, featuring myself, Mike Caviezel, Mike DeBelle, and Tim Bartlett. As always if you have thoughts […]

  2. I can’t wait to hear more. I really like these episodes that deal with the unique challenges and opportunities associated with specific genres. Maybe in the future we could hear about how to keep the same sword slash samples from growing dull over the course of an action game like devil may cry, or maybe dealing with creating creature sounds for an rpg or mmo that are varied enough to feel like different animals but still work together.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and great suggestions, we’ll add them to the list for future!