Apr 282012

Game Audio Podcast #17 – Post GDC Wrap Up 2012

Special Guests:

Michael Raphael: Rabbit Ears Audio

Rabiit Ears’ Michael Raphael unravels a tale of GDC while Damian spins session perspectives on true creatives and shines a spotlight on FMOD Studio. Anton helps keep things on track as alwasy, and contributes important counterpoint to a discussion about the newly emerging plug-in formats for audio Middleware. G.A.N.G. awards and not-enough-necking are discussed, along with some deep inspiration.


Rabbit Ears AudioJohn Loranger Game Audio Relevance Tag: LimboSteve Tushar: Fear Factory


  2 Responses to “Game Audio Podcast #17 – Post-GDC 2012”

  1. Loved getting the inside scoop on FMOD Studio. I’ve read people’s initial reactions be pretty polar on the idea, but love it or hate it, no one has actually gotten hands on with it yet. So it was good to hear Damian’s take on it! Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Michael, as one of the people in charge of the door at the GANG Awards, I’m sorry you didn’t get in. It was literally standing room only and they only allowed us to have a single row of people standing up. Maybe next year they’ll give us a bigger room. I guess they underestimated how many of us audio guys were at GDC.

    And Damian, I really enjoyed your talk. I actually came up to you afterward and thanked you for this podcast. I had to leave to go work another session, but I didn’t get the chance to talk about the reference level podcast, only the one about how everybody started. It was a great one and I hope you do more on that topic.

    I noticed a couple of the other podcasts are edited by other people. If you need anybody else, I’d love to help out. I’m just starting out in game audio, and having the chance to volunteer at GDC and attend all these talks was amazing. Keep up the great work on the podcast!