Oct 262011

Episode #12

Bastonion Times


– Darren Korb – darrenkorb.com


With Damian zooming in super crunch gear (he knows a thing or 2 about 1uping the definition crunch) Anton seeks out Darren Korb to talk about his work on the awesome Bastion.

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  3 Responses to “Game Audio Podcast #12 – Bastion”

  1. […] Game Audio Podcast #12 – Bastonion Times bw/ Darren Korb Interview Anton seeks out Darren Korb to talk about his work on the awesome Bastion, book-ended by Damian zooming in super crunch… […]

  2. Hello,

    I’m still listening through the podcast (at #6 or #7 right now) and love it! I added it to the list of game dev podcasts on stackexchange.

    I would like to make following topic/software-to-look-at suggestions:
    sfxr/as3fxr/bfxr – how long till we get this for high-def games? (defaults would be: gun shot, grenade explosion, badass jump, badass pain/death, reload)
    Also: Explodomatica
    Um.. I thought I had more stuff to suggest. Maybe another day. :)

    Rock on!

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