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GameAudioPodcast2012_01This episode highlights the Game Audio Podcast Inbox and digs deep into a correspondence from a linear audio professional interested in making the right moves to transition over to the game industry. Anton and Damian discuss questions like:  “What is Technical Sound Design” ,”What can a person do as they begin their journey into game audio?”, and “How do you get experience?”. Also rapped a bit about the Global Game Jam, VST DSP Programming Environment, and the Mighty Boom Ball! Shout out to the Game Audio Hour, Tonebenders, DesigningSound.org – Sound Library Licensing.

We are also graced by another in the wonderful series of Audio Vignettes provided by the magnificent DB Cooper! Learn how to navigate and succeed at understanding the dreaded script spreadsheet and be sure to catch her talk at GDC this year:  Mad Skillz for Directing Dialogue

Anton attempts to distract Damian with a conversation about “How to Focus” and some different strategies are discussed including: how to minimize distractions, cones-of-silence, and being a good neighbor.

A little GDC 2014 preview, Anton outlines the talk that he and Guerrilla Games Audio Programmer Andreas Vargas will be giving on the MADDER toolset and audio integration that was used as part of Killzone Shadow Fall on Wednesday. Sightglass Game Audio round-ups in the AM during GDC. Damian co-hosting the Audio Boot-Camp Audio Summit with Garry Taylor on Tuesday. Find out what kindof niche Damian likes to slip into, back-to-back Australians, and Antons top-picks for GDC session-building mayhem.

Limbo Redux – Videos – Dynamic Interference (Game) Sound Design Challenge




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Feb 132014


Matthew Burns – Shade Grown Games

Samantha Kalman – Sentris

Shaw-Han Liem – Robot and Proud



This episode finds the Game Audio Podcast exploring the world of “games that use music as a gameplay mechanism” with three talented game designers. Each have been experimenting with the connections between music and games in their own way; Matthew Burns (Shade Grown Games) with Starbloom & Planck, Samantha Kalman (Timber Interactive) with her recently Kickstarted Sentris, and Shaw-Han Liem in collaboration with Jonathan Mak (Quesy Games) on Sound Shapes. Through discussion involving: games as musical instruments, visual scores, game design as composition, live-coding, and more, we talk through some of the reasons why music games are alive-and-well in the world today. Joy!

Game Audio Relevance: Sound ShapesNotations21MIT DSP Video Lectures (iTunes) – The Big MAT Book Algoraving: Dancing to CodingMusicDSP.org

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