Mar 042015

Wauw,  we had 50 guests for our 50th episode. How appropriate. (ok I didn’t count at the end but it sure must have been close to that). So humbling to have so many talented folks come out and discuss with us. Main subjects where education, unity 5 announcements and of course boot camp.

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Mar 032015

Second round of the morning standup/roundtable sitdowns, so impressed by 30?! people showing up. Main topics are VR/3d spatialization and asset store (following the announcement of

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Mar 022015

GAP_at_GDC_2011Woei here we go GDC 2015.The first daily standup at Sightglass.

Topics:  Steinberg Nuendo, community, reverbs, workflows. All the good stuff

Sunday Night Pre-GDC Audio Meetup, Sunday Night DesigningSound party, Monday 7am Game Audio Podcast & Monday Night VGM Mixer!

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Feb 262015


In this episode we discuss toilet sounds and QA with Kari Toyama and we look ahead for the week the come! Its #GAMEAUDIOGDC time!!


Alright, have fun on the commute to San Francisco or enjoy the week from wherever you are.




Special Guest – Kari Toyama –
DB Cooper Vignette “Studio Etiquette
Favorite Sound

Pinar and Anton review 2 offerings from boom library.

Getting in Stories (GDC2013) – Frank “The Recordist” Bry aka Ultimate Frank, Alex Saba


El GatoBoom Library


2014-12-11 12_00_22-Skype™ - lost_chocolate_lab 2014-12-11 13_03_08-Skype™ - lost_chocolate_lab






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Dec 212014

GAP_LOGO20141201Something is happening and you don’t know what it is…do you, Mr. Jones.


0:00 intro

03:00 NASA/ESA

05:15 Heavy/Procedural

14:00 Designing Sound Patch a Day, Anton’s patches.

17:52 Montreal Independent Game Summit

31:00 Bryan Higa getting in GDC2013

33:00 Games we’ve been playing, Sailors Dream, Peggle 2

37:15 Favorite Sound

40:00 contact microphones


Oct 232014


What a year! This episode finds us pulling together the threads of different conversations and experiences that we’ve been having: a midnight round table on side-projects, another stunning VO vignette from DB Cooper, follow-up emails from the Game Audio Podcast Inbox related to Able Gamers, Inclusive Game Design, and more.






Roundtable: Side-Projects
DB Cooper Vingette
Game Audio Podcast Inbox
*New Segment* Favorite Sound
*Games we’ve been playing

  • Infamous Second Son
  • Monument valley
  • Device 6
  • Towerfall:Ascension
  • Samauri Gunn
  • Broken Age
  • Luftrausers
  • GTA V

Guess the sound
*New Segment* Getting in Stories (GDC2013)


Adrienne Kuzminski – Able Gamers – Per AndersGender Inclusive Game DesignBrandon ColeBrice Mellen – Terry Garrett – Jeff Aerts Wilhelm Sound Library





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Apr 182014

Anton & Damian are joined by Guy Whitmore in a hotel room to look back at the conference, the game audio community, the podcast crowd that was amazingly present at the morning round ups and a look forward at the year ahead.

Mar 282014

Oh Friday mornings, you are so beautifully cruel. An epic turn out for the last Sight Glass morning scrum of 2014. Ofcourse we look at the day before. We dive straight into Alastair Macgregor’s talk on GTA V and continue on with the 2 Last of Us Talks. This leads Anton and Ben into a bit HDR talk on “Pre-Seeding”. Ofcourse obviously this is followed by a discussion on the current relationship of the composer with their projects. A look at the day ahead is followed up by a discussion on the GANG awards. And we pay particular attention to Brandon Cole.


P1070146 P1070147 P1070149 P1070150 P1070151 P1070154 P1070155 P1070156 P1070157 P1070158 P1070159 P1070163


Bryan Higa (@bryanhiga), Andy Martin (@soundeziner), Stephen Schappler (@schapps) & James Nixon


Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque) & Chris Trevino (@ChrisATrevino)


Joel Walsch (@JoelStudio13), Brad Dyck (@Brad_Dyck), Rob Bridgett (@rbridgett), Ben Minto


Stephen Schappler (@schapps) & James Nixon


Anton (@Woldhek), Ben Minto, Damian (@lostlab)


Joshua Kaplan (@OpenHeartSound), Egan O’Rourke, James Dean (@James_Dean), Patrick Egan (@themuck)


Naila Burney (@nailaashi), Ben Crossbones (@BenCrossbones), Jack Menhorn (@JackMenhorn), Leonard Paul (@SchoolGameAudio), Rob Bridgett (@rbridgett), [Seated] Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque)


Naila Burney (@nailaashi), Ben Crossbones (@BenCrossbones), Jack Menhorn (@JackMenhorn), Leonard Paul (@SchoolGameAudio), Rob Bridgett (@rbridgett), [Seated] Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque)


Joshua Kaplan (@OpenHeartSound), Egan O’Rourke, James Dean (@James_Dean), Patrick Egan (@themuck)


Peter Drescher(@pdxdanger), Karen Collins (@Veemix), Daniel Beck (@dpbsound), Andy Martin (@soundeziner), Topher Pirkl (@PhantomFreq) [hidden]

P1070168 P1070170 P1070171 P1070172 P1070173 P1070174



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Mar 252014

Anton & Damian are joined by a ton of people, including Andreas Varga, who together with Anton toke the stage at GDC official day 1 to do their talk about the next gen dynamic audio system of Killzone Shadow Fall. Of course the other talks are also dissected, Killer Instinct, Tomb Raider, etc etc. A discussion ensues about many things, collaboration, the use of bows in sound design are not the least of which. We also look ahead at the day of course.
It got so busy that unfortunately not everybody is as intelligible as we would like. Need to find a new approach for next year.

P1070117 P1070119 P1070120 P1070121 P1070122 P1070124 P1070125 P1070126 P1070127 P1070134


Chris Trevino (@ChrisATrevino), Jared Selter (@TotallyAirJared), Brad Dyck (@Brad_Dyck) , Jason Wolford (@jdubwolf)


Andreas Varga (Guerrila) & David Thall (DTS)


Andreas Varga (Guerrila) & David Thall (DTS)


Anton (@Woldhek), Damien Henry (@dh7net ), Rob Bridgett (@RBridgett), and Andreas Varga


Foreground Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque) and Martin Kvale (@martinkvale)


Bob Baffy (@BobBaffy) and Kelly Pieklo (@phonetical) Approve!


RK Mattingly (RJMattingly) and Bryan Higa (@bryanhiga) at the eye of the Game Audio Podcast storm.


Jason Wolford (@jdubwolf) future so bright, he’s gotta wear shades.


Anton (@Woldhek), Chris Trevino (@ChrisATrevino), and Jared Selter (@TotallyAirJared)


Chris Trevino (@ChrisATrevino), Jared Selter (@TotallyAirJared), Joel Walsch (@JoelStudio13), Brad Dyck (@Brad_Dyck) , Daniel Beck (@dpbsound).


Damien Henry (@dh7net ) and Rob Bridgett (@RBridgett)


Leonard Paul (@SchoolGameAudio), Joel Walsch (@JoelStudio13), Chris Trevino (way background @ChrisATrevino), Daniel Beck (@dpbsound), Jason Wolford (@jdubwolf), and Brad Dyck (@Brad_Dyck)


Esteemed Ryan Ike (@RyanIkeComposer) far right, riding high on the Game Audio Podcast