Jun 302015

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #55 – MetamorphabetIMG_09ddd81

The simple pleasures of ‘play’ as evidenced by Vectorpark‘s Metamorphabet come into focus as we discuss the process of creating this delightful experience with the development team. A rare deep-dive for the podcast, we talk through: the genesis of the design strategy, the involvement & role of audio, and how VO helped shape the identity. Discovered along the way is Anton’s involvement (through FreeSound.org) in one of VectorPark’s earlier titles Windosill.

Patrick Smith – VectorPark @vectorpark

David Kamp – Studio Kamp & Shaping Waves

Sarah Alger – VO @

The Recordist: Thunder Snow StormOfficial GDC YouTube ChannelMax Hattler: 1923 Aka HeavenAnton’s Favorite Sound Creature

Apr 222015

GameAudioPodcast2012_08Game Audio Podcast – Episode #54 – Beep Education

We are joined by Dr. Karen Collins to talk about Education, the Beep Documentary, and the continuing saga of world-traveling after a successful Kickstarter. Beep composer Leonard Paul talks about his role in the documentary, his roots in Procedural Audio and The School of Video Game Audio. While Damian wraps his head around first meeting the two of them in 2006. There will also be a tale of death-metal roosters, Anton and Pinar’s review of the Hiss and a Roar Friction library plus TonSturm’s Explosions Library, and DB will drop another of her delightful VO vignettes. An email from Alex Quartermain covers something special.


Special Time Limited discount code for Hiss and a Roar Friction: “gameaudio”.

Hiss and a Roar – SD016 FRICTION – TonSturm Masssive Explosions – Digging in the CartsTonebendersRob Bridgett – From the Shadows of Film SoundKaren Collins – Game SoundWinifred Phillips – A Composers Guide to Game MusicGeorge Sanger – Tasty Morsels of Sonic Goodness – Learning Audio Middleware Online: Where to Start?: Berrak Nil

Beep: A Documentary History of Video Game Music & Sound

Mar 072015

Saturday mornings are beautiful, but not in Anton’s case. He gets a rough wakeup call. many people are waiting for him, and have been waiting for him for awhile. But not to worry we got things going and here is the final roundtable for GDC2015. We talk about creativity, women in gameaudio. What a year. See you next year!

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Mar 062015

Catching up on the last day of GDC15 with friends of gameaudio. Celebrating the gang award winners, gong over the talks of the day before. Certainly the vibe was still excited. Pretty impressive after such a full on week.

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Mar 042015

Wauw,  we had 50 guests for our 50th episode. How appropriate. (ok I didn’t count at the end but it sure must have been close to that). So humbling to have so many talented folks come out and discuss with us. Main subjects where education, unity 5 announcements and of course boot camp.

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Mar 032015

Second round of the morning standup/roundtable sitdowns, so impressed by 30?! people showing up. Main topics are VR/3d spatialization and asset store (following the announcement of fmod.io).

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Mar 022015

GAP_at_GDC_2011Woei here we go GDC 2015.The first daily standup at Sightglass.

Topics:  Steinberg Nuendo, community, reverbs, workflows. All the good stuff

Sunday Night Pre-GDC Audio Meetup, Sunday Night DesigningSound party, Monday 7am Game Audio Podcast & Monday Night VGM Mixer!

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Feb 262015


In this episode we discuss toilet sounds and QA with Kari Toyama and we look ahead for the week the come! Its #GAMEAUDIOGDC time!!


Alright, have fun on the commute to San Francisco or enjoy the week from wherever you are.




Special Guest – Kari Toyama – atomjack.net
DB Cooper Vignette “Studio Etiquette
Favorite Sound

Pinar and Anton review 2 offerings from boom library.

Getting in Stories (GDC2013) – Frank “The Recordist” Bry aka Ultimate Frank, Alex Saba


El GatoBoom Library


2014-12-11 12_00_22-Skype™ - lost_chocolate_lab 2014-12-11 13_03_08-Skype™ - lost_chocolate_lab






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Dec 212014

GAP_LOGO20141201Something is happening and you don’t know what it is…do you, Mr. Jones.


0:00 intro

03:00 NASA/ESA

05:15 Heavy/Procedural

14:00 Designing Sound Patch a Day, Anton’s patches.

17:52 Montreal Independent Game Summit

31:00 Bryan Higa getting in GDC2013

33:00 Games we’ve been playing, Sailors Dream, Peggle 2

37:15 Favorite Sound

40:00 contact microphones